Buffet Bites

  1. Sneaky good win for California last night. They have been the home courtiest of home court heroes (1-8 in road/neutral games going into last night). But at home they've taken out Oregon, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado. But they had only won at Wyoming in early December - so a decently looking resume 11-7 gets to put a little cover-up over their biggest eyesore, this is a relatively young team (1 senior gets minutes of note) that could be a scary 2nd round matchup for a 1-2-3 seed, if they can get their road concerns behind them.
  2. Keep your eyes on East Tennessee State in that SoCon tournament - Chattanooga has established themselves as their clear class of that conference, and swept ETSU, so is probably not sweating them, but the Bucs have won 5 of 6 and Ge'Lawn Guyn and T.J. Cromer love to fire from 3 -- a hot shooting night in the tournament could take the Mocs from a potentially solid 10 seed for a team out of the SoCon to the NIT.
  3. By the way, the Mocs read #2 and point out their whitewashing of VMI and tell the Buffet to shove it.
  4. Really impressive & convincing win for William & Mary. This is not a team who can get in without winning the Colonial tournament.  But even two games back, they sit with the highest RPI in the conference - shame they couldn't finish their game against Dayton or figure out Towson? - else we might have something to talk about in the form of non-automatic entry to the Buffet. We could be not so secretly rooting for Omar Prewitt and company
  5. Did I just read that Donald Trump called the Pope disgraceful? That doesn't seem OK, but, hey, what do we know. The man is still getting 45% of your support despite never once advancing a single method for executing his policies other than winning, kicking someone's ass, or making someone else pay for things. Hey, sounds like career of Rick Pitino - I take it back, President Trump, 2016. It. Could. Happen.
  6. Colonial was the site of all sorts of goodness yesterday, including a 3OT thriller in Harrisonburg, where Quincy Ford, in front of his younger teammate brother dropped a career high 36 (with 7 rebs and 5 assists) and Northeastern scored 13 points in the 3rd extra frame -- all from the free throw line -- to upset James Madison 95-94 
  7. Keeping an eye on likely autobid winner who pack some punch, North Florida (snapping a 4 game skid, after starting 8-0 in conference) put 107 up on NJIT last night -- a Highlanders team once referred to as the people's team -- to go to 19-10 on the season.  The Ospreys can score: they've gone over 100 on three separate occasions, over 90, 10 times and over 80 - SEVENTEEN times. That's over 50% of their games. Yes, we're good at math, the Buffet is the total package. A real 2011 Long Island U vibe here. Dallas Moore and Beau Beech - remember the names. ESPECIALLY Beech, a candidate for the 2016 Jack Leasure Mad Bomber award (JLSC.com - never forget).
  8. Speaking of the Mad Bomber award - be remiss not to mention other top candidate: Wesley Person (yes, son of that Wesley Person), who has picked up his dad's long-range skills (217 attempts, 38%), and the current leading candidates: Jaylen Brand of Riverside: 41% on 242 attempts, Max Landis (not the guy who wrote American Ultra and Wrestling Isn't Real) 49% on 209 attempts, and, (boring major conference player alert), Buddy Hield with his 49% shooting on 213 attempts.
  9. When do we discuss Mark Turgeon: potentially overrated coach? Has anyone ever felt super strong about the way Maryland has looked this season? Has 5 losses every felt more like 10?
  10. Speaking of Maryland, I can just hear people poring over their Jucy Lucy's loudly declaring THIS IS WHY WE NEEDED TO GET RID OF TUBBY! RICHARD PITINO IS RIGHTING THE SHIP!
  11. Quick Buffet s/o to childhood hero Dan Majerle (quick editorial: who should have been made the head coach of the Phoenix Suns about 200 years ago). Grand Canyon is supposed to be transitioning. Instead, they have as many wins over teams projected in the field as some Waiting Liners (quick note to new readers, "the Waiting Line" is the Buffet's bubble.  (In the waiting line to get in the Buffet, clever, huh?) and sit 2nd in the WAC. Don't you want to see a tournament final rubber match between them and New Mexico State? #lopeswaiver - let's make it happen together.
  12. Michigan State looks healthy, strong and putting it together.  Time to fire up the Mike Izzo knows when to flip the switch in February/March narratives. You might not be done hearing it until Jim Nantz welcomes his friends to Augusta National.
  13. It is CRIMINAL that a movie written by the writer of Hoosiers and Rudy (Buffet favorites) and concerning THE GREAT University of Texas Longhorn football program was not a box office blockbuster and leading Oscar contender.  That, or, how is it possible that I just learned about it today as wallpaper advertisement on the CBSSports college basketball pages? Go stream it today! http://www.uphe.com/movies/my-all-american
  14. Finally, and fitting that it's last item because it happened about 3AM ET,  but both St. Mary's and BYU staved off conference disaster with late, close road wins...