Thoughts from the Buffet

  1. Hey University of Minnesota, 2007 called, firing Tubby Smith turns out to be a bad idea that only bodes well for his next team.  But, hey, keep going with the "misuse of scholarships" fantasy for why you all are 0-13 in the Big 10.
  2. Speaking of which, Texas Tech THAT is what a team on the fringe of the Buffet is supposed to do in February...
  3. On the flip-side: St. Bonaventure, Florida State, LSU - that is what you should NOT do.
  4. Remember yesterday, when we found Northern Iowa puzzling. It's less puzzle, and more disappointment, they fell to Loyola-Chicago, they of 219 RPI 180 BPI and 175 KenPom, AGAIN.
  5. Big West tournament final, provided they figure out how to get there, between Hawaii & Irvine should be fun.
  6. Villanova. Xavier.  Doing what teams who want #1 seeds do.
  7. Oklahoma - can we stop showing their season 3-point percentage in contrast to their current game shooting percentage? This is an outside shooting dependent who don't have Steph Curry. They're slumping and vulnerable. Shooting only 32% from three in their last 5.
  8. No More Parties in LA is tops for me on Life of Pablo. That will likely change by Sunday. Maybe all the flames around Kendrick on Monday is providing strong anchor bias.
  9. Roy Williams can recruit.  Roy Williams cannot in-game coach.
  10. Remember when Roy Williams didn't give a shit about North Carolina? Quick refresher: CLICK HERE. Guess what? Kansas is super glad you ended up giving a shit.
  11. Watching Louisville dismantle a strong, as-of-now Buffet projected, tournament team in Syracuse makes us feel strongly that in-season, self-imposed postseason bans should NEVER be allowed. Or, rather than any new legislation, NCAA should disregard any self-imposed sanctions and levy sanctions as they would have.  Damion Lee & Trey Lewis got screwed. How do you think that convo went, "Trey, D-Lee, can I talk with you a sec" "Sure coach, what's up?" "Well, sure do appreciate you guys using your grad transfers, and, you know, making us a tournament-caliber team. And, uh, sorry you didn't get to, um, you know, benefit from all the prostitutes running through Yum! like it was the Bunny Ranch...but uh, we're going to go ahead an spend your final year banning ourselves from the post-season. As you no doubt agree, its for the good of the program's future, you know, the one grew up, I mean, it's just for the best.  See you guys at practice!"
  12. While the Buffet deserves to be called out for doubting Sean Miller.  Arizona is a much different team with Allonzo Trier healthy and now that PJC has become the distributor this team was badly searching for early season with McConnell's graduation.