Your Pre-Weekend Buffet

Cause You 68 are perfect. Your resumes are worth it. And You deserve it.  The way you worked it. Cause teams you earned it. Teams you earned it.

Buffet hopefuls, in 16 days, will Oscar hopeful, the Weeknd be dropping those lines your way?

We got Wednesday results, Thursday results, and a big weekend ahead... let's get to it.

  1. Unspeakable crimes in halves of basketball were committed last night: Connecticut allowing 4 field goals and 13 points to South Florida in the first half of their game. Georgia Southern's demolition of Appalachian State in the first half (52-23) of their match-up. Santa Barbara going Gaucho on Northridge, 44-19. Indiana, apparently realizing they were losing to Illinois at halftime, went 47-19 on them in the 2nd half. And most of all, Robert Hurley's gang needed their own curtain of distraction to avert their eyes from the 44-10-ness of it all in their first half.
  2. You know what's a fun little curveball this season? Teams in the Pac-12 actually doing things to GET IN as opposed to falling backwards towards the bracket.  Sure, sometimes involves blatant rules violations, but still.  Cal sweeping the Washington schools on the road, and following that up with a convincing win at home over UCLA. Whatever you'd like to call what Utah did to ASU last night.  Colorado with a needed upset win over Arizona. Oregon not sweating the small stuff and putting Washington State away early. And the aforementioned Oregon State triple-jump buzzer beating 3.
  3. Oh VCU. Why? Much like droids, that was not the loss you were looking for. There's still enough to like on their resume: 6-3 in true road games. Computers feel decently about them: (31 BPI, 42 in KenPom), 4 top 100 wins. BUT they aren't top 50 RPI, strength of schedule is now hovering at 90. Only 2 wins against teams currently projected as in - and losses to most of the Waiting Line teams they've faced: Cincy, George Washington, Wisconsin - and now that's the second top 100 (and really top 175) loss on them. Sliding the wrong way...
  4. By contrast, Saint Joseph's, who incidentally are almost single-handedly propping up VCU's resume, did what they needed to do, same with Michigan & St. Bonaventure, only those two squads did it with a bit more sweating than the Hawks.
  5. Adios Georgia.
  6. Kind of into Waves right, because like them - the Buffet don't die.
  7. Don't know if there's much Houston can do to really make themselves a tournament selection contender - but they have been playing like a team intent on doing so (for a stark contrast see: Louisiana State University). Perhaps winning out versus UConn and Cincy, then running to American final? That's our recipe for being presented at the Buffet.
  8. Quick Waiting Line aside here. Let's talk about Villanova. It's interesting, right? We spend all of February and beginning of March, talking about teams who might get in. Then come Sunday of the first weekend, we MIGHT still be talking about 2 of those teams. So, let's talk about the 1-line. After Wednesday, Villanova has had 4 games against teams seemingly competing for a top seed. They are now 1-3. Average margin in those losses? 17. Yes, they did pre-return the favor to Xavier with a 31 point win. And given their overall resume strength and the recent ups and downs from fellow 1-seed contenders: Oklahoma, Virginia, UNC, to name a few - they're well situated come Selection Sunday. But struggles against the other cream of the crop, either portend poorly for tournament runs or else for the bettors among our readership take note for lines in the Sweet 16 of it all...
  9. Albany continues to impress.  Minus a road loss at New Hampshire that was only attained with 15 seconds left -- they'd be running their way through a 9-game win streak right now.
  10. Missed opportunity for Pitt for a good win, especially with them moving in the wrong direction and all (lost 7 of 12, after starting 14-1.  The Zoo just hasn't been the impenetrable force it generally is (3rd conference loss at home). Projected at 9 before Wednesday's game, a finish of at least .500 in ACC play (Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech remain) is starting to feel like a must, before even worrying about ACC tournament match-up
  11. Wisconsin is suddenly for real. Iowa suddenly is not.  Shades of college football starting to creep in, only the Hawkeye exposing is happening in advance of postseason play.
  12. Important of Colorado's win to be accentuated further. They haven't been a home court hero, the likes of their Bay Area conference-mate Cal, but they're best road win is still outside of the top 50, so beating conference leaders, hitting their stride in the top 50 was big time for them. Also makes .500 in conference the worst they can do (although, please don't lose to Arizona State and ruin our earlier note on the Pac12).
  13. UC-Irvine stomping of LB State coupled with Hawai'i gag last night, makes the Big West as intriguing down the stretch as we hoped.
  14. Speaking of which, it's Ivy Night Live - and the road to the Buffet's manufactured Ivy tournament begins with a Columbia upset of Princeton this evening...
  15. After being talked onto the ledge about the Waiting Line implications of last night's Seton Hall/Providence match-up - the better outcome for the conference occurred, as Providence is a bit more secure, and Seton Hall can only use to improve its resume. While both are on the 9-line, Providence has a bit more room for error, even if that room became slimmer. The Friars need to (and likely will) win out to get to 10-8 in Big East, boasting wins over Villanova & Arizona (neither at home) at the top of their resume.
  16. Hofstra found a huge second half on the road, erasing a 16 point first half deficit, and brought the CAA regular season standings to dead-even  at the top beating UNC-Wilmington 70-69 on a pair of Juan'ya Green (who continues to be a champion user of the apostrophe) free throws with 27 seconds to go. 
  17. Remember the gag job referred to earlier.  Hawai'i confirmed they will need to win their conference tournament, and won't get the You're So Money and Don't Even Know It honorary first four know the one, the team in the PG-13 movie, everyone really hopes make it happen.
  18. Non-Ivy conference races that are beautiful messes:
    1. American with an ineligible team tied at the top, with 6 teams with 2 two games
    2. ACC, also with an ineligible team in the mix, with the same number of teams w/n 2 games.
    3. Atlantic 10 with 5 teams within in a pair of games
    4. Big 10 in the same situation as A-10
    5. Big South with 4 teams in line to settle that score
    6. In the Northeast, Wagner sits 2 games up, but two games up on 4 teams, who have 3 just behind them.
    7. Similarly, the Ohio Valley has about 6 teams muddling up 2nd place behind Belmont
    8. Pac12 remains up for grabs - with four teams in first place range.
    9. Headed for a likely dead heat in the West Coast conference
    10. And we all want Grand Canyon to share that regular season WAC title...but that will require some #RoosRising as New Mex State only has UMKC left. Of course, if the Fighting Majerles just want to get an upset in their random late season match up with Saint Mary's, that's cool too.  Is Patty Mills injured again?

Waiting Line Matchups & Buffet Games of Note to watch (for) this weekend:

  1. Columbia at Princeton. Duh.
  2. Texas Tech at Kansas.  Red Raiders likely safe (as of now), beating KU would seal it.
  3. Butler at Georgetown. Butler can't slip, rest of season.
  4. VCU at George Washington. One team likely falls back distantly with a loss here.
  5. Teams that shouldn't have interesting games, and if they do, it's a problem: Cincinnati, St. Bonaventure, Alabama (though, their convo is likely already over), Gonzaga, St. Mary's, St. Joe's, Tulsa, Colorado, Oregon State, Oregon, California, Monmouth
  6. South Carolina at Mississippi State.  Speaking of can't slip... and Miss State has been spry of late...
  7. Florida at LSU. LSU is no pushover, but Florida should get this game for their profile.
  8. Houston at UConn
  9. Kentucky at Vanderbilt.  Vandy keeps asking the Buffet to disregard them, but their overall profile compared to other won't let it happen. Win here and in the conversation for good.
  10. Iowa at Ohio State. Ohio State's late season surge was quelled against Michigan State, but they're still a tough conference opponent and Iowa hasn't really showed much of late. Time for them to show much.
  11. Michigan at Wisconsin.  Teams going in different directions.
  12. Buffalo at Ohio - trying to stay in regular season range of Akron.
  13. Wofford goes to East Tennessee State as ETSU tries to keep regular season heat on Chattanooga.
  14. FINALLY, the biggest of them all -- can Chicago State hold off victory against Texas-Rio Grande Valley and stay in contention for the Hoops HD 2015-16 Centenary Award? Sunday, 5PM ET