Its a Buffet Holiday: We Call It Selection Sunday Eve

Yes, well aware Saturday would technically be Selection Sunday Eve, but the Friday before is a cornucopia of game such that, the 12pm ET to after 12am ET makes THIS the day we should all call in sick...

New Bracket & BOOP are up...

Since the BOOP is our guidepost to bracketing, let's take a look (posted in the BOOP section above) where some movement has happened, and what can happen based on today's matchups.

  • Duke - it's recent action has allowed the Blue Devils move from 13 to 8, but they hold the slimmest of margins over Oregon (.4 points) so how the tournaments play out will be big for who nabs that #2 (though, with human element can almost guarantee the P12 tournament winner is getting a 2 seed, it's Baylor and their loss to Kansas St that may be the 2 seed most imperiled by Duke)
  • Oregon hopped Arizona following the Buffet's re-examination and adjustment to Oregon's formula -- as a result, UofA dropped two spots to 11
  • Butler with its 2 loss in the last week drops to 13
  • Florida St & West Virgnia with their tournament wins push up, Purdue who hasn't started yet and St. Mary's who is done were the victims of that move
  • Xavier hops 2 spots with their nice win last night, and are safely in and away from Dayton's last four in
  • Northwestern, even with their destruction of Rutgers, got the least amount of help from that win and watched Va Tech, Vandy and Michigan St jump them as a result
  • Kansas State is the another big mover following their win over Baylor, jumping to 43, and at the front of the waiting line
  • Keep an eye on TCU - up to 56 in the BOOP, and now sitting on the cusp of the Buffet thanks to a Josh Jackson-less win over BOOP #1 TCU.

Some of the more interesting potential BOOP movement in today's Action:

  • Kansas now sits only 1.225 ahead of Villanova, knocked out by a combination of disinterest and no Josh Jackson, Villanova is poised to push in the top BOOP slot with a win or two (and if they win the Big East tournament, I imagine the Committee will place them in top overall slot as well)
  • Duke (UNC) & Oregon (Cal) stand to gain ground again, with Louisville knocked out, the Blue Devils sit .4 behind the Cardinal and the 4th overall team (the rubber match between them and UNC) is on their docket. Oregon won't get the same level of bump versus the slumping Golden Bears, but at .6 behind Louisville, will get themselves in 2 seed range with a win.
  • UCLA has a chance to vault Butler with a win over Arizona, who likewise have a nice chance to skip the upset and eliminated Baylor Bears in this West Coast rubber match
  • Minnesota & SMU are separated by .1, Minnesota has a tougher matchup ahead (MIchigan St) than SMU's ECU, so a win by both will likely see the Gophers hold 20, with St. Mary's in range at 17 for both at Cincinnati.
  • Creighton & Dayton are separated by a half point. Creighton faces Xavier today, with Dayton finally getting started in their tournament against Davidson
  • South Carolina is 3/4 of a point behind Wichita State, with Alabama on deck today.
  • Michigan, with one of the most impressive wins of the season between the frightening airplane scene, the awkward/tired travel and wearing these:
  • now are 3.75 behind eliminated Miami, with an opportunity to gain strong ground if they can knock of Purdue today
  • The Waiting Line is where the most intrigue lies -- Marquette is safely in, despite the BOOP not being a big fan .. but Rhode Island (42), Kansas State (43), California (58) and Indiana (57) have the biggest opportunity to enter the door opened by Clemson, Syracuse, Illinois, Iowa and friends over the last day or two.