Calm Before the Storm: Day 7 gives us a quiet Waiting Line so we're got Notes on Buffetology

In the spirit of full disclosure for the more casual fan among you -- the MEAC and MAC got started tonight. Full looks at them will come tomorrow, if at all, time is the just the most limiting resource of all.  Anyway, for a very comprehensive look at them now, and a place you should be visiting on the regular as it is, is the place to go.

Now the bracket movement following a great weekend of hoops

  • 1 line: Unchanged - but if Gonzaga wants to keep hold of those #1 seed hopes, they must make it through the WCC with the championship.
  • 2 line:  Louisville has jumped ahead to the 2 from the 3 - simple strength of the win over Notre Dame versus Oregon not having to play as difficult of team.  As I've said all along, I strongly believe the Pac12 tournament champion ends up as a #2 seed. But, we'll see what holds (and, as usual, what the rest of the finish of the 13 days of conference tourneys has in store.
  • 3 line: Butler was primed to take a step until the home loss to Seton Hall, as mentioned Oregon call 3 home for now, and Florida dropped off the 3 after their loss to Vandy caused me to take a deeper look at their resume, and felt stronger about UCLA's resume with those road wins - but if TJ Leaf doesn't play, this isn't a 2, 3, or 4 seed, no matter the resume, also Purdue B10 season title and nice win in an emotional and charged atmosphere in the close of Welsh-Ryan Arena and the send off to the first team in NW history to make the tournament was enough to tip their scales up to 3 (2 line won't be far off if they run to the B10 tourney title).
  • 4 line - Florida State is a new face moving up to 4 seed, a long look at Virginia pushed them around for me. Florida lands here after the Vandy loss, Duke and West Virginia stays put.
  • 5 line - Here's Virginia's landing spot, no line movement for Notre Dame despite the loss.
  • 6 line - No change
  • 7 line - Wisconsin bounced back from their loss to Iowa nicely, pushing them back to 7 - they're a team who can see the biggest Buffetology bounce, if they show the January Badgers are back.
  • 8 line - Michigan and VCU flip flop, but I expect that to change, South Carolina was the victim of Wisconsin's win over Minnesota, Wichita State earned a nice MVC championship bump - problem is teams can pass them by with their work in their respective tournaments, so stayed tuned there.
  • 9 line - Melo Trimble sent Michigan State to 9, here's VCU, the rest stay put
  • 10 line - Big mover here is Vanderbilt, who spent 3/3 Buffetology as one of the first 4 teams out, now they're strongly in. Sweeping Florida will do that. Virginia Tech was the victim of Wichita's Arch Madness, Seton Hall might be ranked 4 in this group, but they had the best weekend of all, their tournament bid got sealed.
  • 11 line - Here we go with the true Waiting Line... Syracuse has nice wins, but only 2 and they're not that nice away from the Carrier Dome - the best is Clemson (and we're trying to include neutral site games, but the next one Syracuse wins will be their first.  Xavier is suddenly clinging. Hard to blame a team for injuries and losing Edmond Sumner for the season and Trevon Blueitt until recently has been killer, bc without them I'm not sure their a tournament team.  From Jan 29th on, they've won 4 games: Creighton minus Mo Watson, DePaul twice, and St. John's -- they've lost the rest, if they lose to DePaul to start the BE tournament, it's curtains.  Middle Tennessee finds themselves here, because we believe they've a strong team, here's hoping they don't need an invite, but if they do, as of now, they're in.
  • 12 line - UNC-Wilmington finds themselves just one slot ahead of the final play-inners, they just won their conference tournament to render the Waiting Line... moot, but we probably put them in the Last 4 in, had they lost.  Our final 2 are Wake Forest -- who the BOOP just LOVES, so we're listening, and USC, who is CLINGING, but a couple wins in the P12 should do the trick.
  •  Just out but ready to pounce: Iowa, Rhode Island and Clemson
  • Bad Illinois weekend -- Illinois ruined all their good juju with a loss to Rutgers, and Illinois State did absolutely nothing wrong, they lost to a better team, but just not seeing enough in that resume to justify a bid. 
  • Also keep an eye on their conference tournament performances: Georgia Tech, California, and Houston