Multi Buffet Day!

It's a two-Buffet day! New bracket posted with some subtle changes...

  • Gave my first real long look at the Pac12 -- Oregon's win over of Arizona, not only gave them the P12 tournament first seed, but it should have had them seeded higher than UofA for some time now, the adjustment has been made, Oregon to a 2-seed, and Arizona to a 3-seed
    • from a forecasting perspective, if any teams are going to move Gonzaga off the 1 line, it's going to be either UCLA or Oregon, if either team can win the Pac12 tournament
    • Given that Arizona is slightly, as in the slightest of slights ahead of UCLA. UCLA has more wins against the top 25, and the Kentucky road win, UofA has a couple extra wins over the top 100 overall, a tougher SOS, and one less P12 loss.  It's pretty much neck and neck, and will likely be settled in Las Vegas
    • (Don't read this Leif) - TJ Leaf is expected to be back in uniform and in UCLA's lineup come the start of the P12 tournament
  • After a bit more resume analysis, we've swapped Cincinnati & Notre Dame
  • Vanderbilt's late season run, winning 6 of 8, 8 of 11 made their resume look slightly better to me than Northwestern's. Better top of the resume, off the charts strength of schedule (that was tick higher non-conference than when they went into SEC play), and that offsets the loss to Missouri, which is the only really UGLY part of what they're putting forward. 
  • Wake Forest has traded places with Syracuse as the safely in ACC team, and Syracuse has moved to last 4 in territory
  • Finally, Clemson popped into the first four and Kansas State has popped out.  Since we're typing this in real ACC time, the way Clemson is playing versus Duke right now is justifying this placement
  • Rhode Island, Kansas State, Houston, Illinois, and Iowa are the teams at the front of the Waiting Line, best positioned to steal some plates.